Another Memorable AirBnb guest

Running an AirBnb has provided so many interesting experiences; We have met so many people from around the world, have created some short-term friendships, and have had the opportunity to play tourist guide for people taking a trip to our beach town.

But we've also had many interesting stories. I've shared many of these stories in private to friends but every now and then we get guests that truly leave me guessing and wondering as to who just stayed on our property.

Our most recent guest was supposed to stay for one night but based on our security system, it looks like she was only there for 2 hours. When I went in to clean the space, the house was mostly untouched with the exception of the living room which had candle wax debris on the TV table, the couch and on the floor. When I went to throw out the trash, there was nothing in it except for paper towels and about 8 tiny completely used candles.

I'm not entirely sure what happened but I am glad that we could have been of service.