New additions to the 2016 American Dictionary of Words announced

FOR RELEASE December 2, 2015

American English Dictionary of Words on Thursday announced the addition of a few new words to its modern usage dictionary. The words represent current trends in dialogue today. Nate Coleman, Editor-in-Chief of the American English Dictionary of Words said, "We pride ourselves in being able to tap into the Zeitgeist of the modern American speaker. We really try to capture the changing trends in dialogue so as to properly convey what is important to an American today. After months of research, I believe that my staff has put together the best collection of new words for 2016. My hope is that these words are around for Mojo, Wifi, Drunktext, and fleek!"

This years additions are less words and more just a series of sounds. When asked about the spelling of these sounds, Coleman says, "Spelling these words would take away their power...but I guess if I had to spell them, I would spell them like 'Boom', 'Bam' and 'Rat-tat-tat'. Again, it's unfair to spell them out because it just takes away from the meaning. Like, how would you spell the poop emoji? You can't! It's kinda like that."

The new words (sounds) are those of gunshots that have replaced dialogue in modern American society. Coleman says, "The American language is constantly reforming and becoming more streamlined and efficient. It's now reached a point where the modern American just thinks, 'Fuck words', and just pulls out a gun to make their point. It's brilliant!"

How this change in the American Dialogue will shape the future of the language is unknown, but one thing is for sure, it is here to stay. What started in just isolated pockets around the country has now taken hold across the country and can be heard in Schools, Movie Theaters, Public Service Centers and more every day. We tried to reach Mr. Coleman for his thoughts on the future of the language but was currently barricaded in his Milwaukee office.