Gay Marriage

Congrats to New York for being the latest State in the Union to allow for Gay Marriage. It makes me happy to know that so many of my friends in the Empire State can now pursue this symbol of commitment and love that I have had the privilege of accomplishing. I personally believe that any willing adult should be able to marry another willing adult if they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. I'm fine with recognized places of worship enforcing their own definitions of marriage within their walls but outside of their walls, on the shared playing field of society, marriage should be equal opportunity.

As someone of Latin American descent, I grew up in a very religious (Roman Catholic) household. Although I'm not as religious as I used to be, I'm still very spiritual. I'll admit, I'm not a by-the-book Catholic but I still find several passages very moving. That being said, my mere support of Gay Marriage would probably get me kicked out or banned.

I am fully aware of my Church's stance on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage. However, like several other parts of the Bible, I don't agree with it. My sincerest apologies to my grade school teacher Sister Septemia.

Every Christian and Catholic that I know, actively chooses to not obey parts of the Bible. I chose Gay Marriage and a few others. Without having to regurgitate the countless examples of contradiction in the Bible and in the Church (there are plenty of places online for that...just Google it) I will say this...the Church taught me to love everyone. Whether it meant to or not, that seed that was planted in my head in first-grade religion class under Sister Carmeline has grown into the roots of my belief system. I love my fellow human beings and if they are in the pursuit of genuine happiness without the intention of harming anyone else then God Bless...

My more liberal stance in my own religion is one that I'm still reconciling with my own Mexican family who tend to be a bit more traditional. However, regardless of you're religious stance, I ask my fellow Latinos to consider this...less than fifty years ago, there were anti-miscegenation laws still on the books that would not allow us to marry those of other races. Less than fifty years ago! Up until 1967, I would not be allowed to marry my lovely wife in many states of our amazing Union. And that sucks! Because my wife is hot!

Life is so short. Our time on this rock is so quick. One of the greatest gifts that God (or Yahweh, Allah, Creator, Evolution, etc.) ever gave us was the ability to Love. The ability to look in someones eyes and connect with them in a way that unlocks both of your spirits and makes you one. Man created a concept that formalizes that Love and Union on a piece of paper and through beautiful ceremonies. I'm glad to know that many of my friends will now be able to share that experience.

Our country isn't perfect. Neither is our world. And neither are we. But every few weeks, as the human race, we take steps that help a chunk of us live better, smile more and believe in Love for another day. We did that on Friday. Congrats NY!